Why you should become an entrepreneur

Why you should become an entrepreneur?

Why do you need to be an Entrepreneur? If you are tired of working 9 to 5, doing the same thing again and again, trying to impress your boss to get a raise. You should start thinking about entrepreneurship. Be your own BOSS!

It looks like a very big step. indeed it is, but it’s not that hard. The only thing required is your passion. You don’t need to compete with big businesses like Apple or Microsoft, start small and grow gradually.

With the disruptions happening in all fields and every company going through the digital transformation phase, this is high time to start your own business as new opportunities are rising, giving space to new entrepreneurs to fill the gap.

I have got examples of many people who thought outside of the box and brought a change in their life.

Let’s find out their stories and thoughts on why they became an Entrepreneur.

Monique Erinna:

I like me, I like my personality, and I love no drama. I like warming up that tea and putting on NPR radio or music really loud and working my butt off on a task that “I” like.

Since I have medical issues so I can elevate my leg and keep working and there isn’t someone saying sorry you can’t work like that even though the work is done. I like being home and harassing my son (in a good pestering way) to know what he did in school. To be honest the 1st thing he does when he gets home is call out my name to see if I am there. Means a lot.

I got my beautiful desk and an ultimate view out my window. I am not yet making tons of money but I am rich in freedom from the regular 9 to 5. Wish I did it earlier. The stress of not having a 4-hour commute. Or not being recognized for hard work in the past.

Heather Remec:

So many reasons… but the biggest was to make an impact (both on my family as well as others) by doing something I’m great at and love, while being able to tell my daughters that I’d be there for their Muffins with Mom / Gymnastics meet / Field day event because I create my own schedule.
That, and I don’t like income ceilings;-) 

Mercedes Koefoed: 

Ever since I was young, I knew I wouldn’t be 100% happy working for someone else. I was always a little rebellious and wanted to incorporate new ideas and systems but that was not my place.

Have tried multiple times since I was 20 years old to start my own business and be my own boss.

I have finally started my own business which is doing well and am now working on starting my online business. I love working for myself and I love the excitement that each day and challenge brings.
It’s not easy but at least I am doing it to build my dreams and I am helping others along the way which makes it even more enjoyable and worth every minute.

Tanuja Dabir: 

Coz I was done working for someone else, AND I was done seeing people suffer. I wanted to let everyone know they are in charge of their health and if I can change my life so can they

Amanda Castor:

Mostly because owning my own business has felt like my path since I was really young. But the true catalyst for business ownership as a full-time focus instead of a “side gig” was when I was inexplicably fired from what I felt was my dream job and decided I was never going to be at the mercy of employment again.

Ed Troxell:

To help more people and break the complex down for them so they can keep it moving. Plus I got tired of too many people being screwed over by others so I said, let me jump in here lol

I hope you must have an answer and the motivation to become an entrepreneur.






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